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Hot Rolled Coils/Sheets…



Thickness: 1.20- 10 mm

Width: 700 mm – 1550 mm

Coil Weight: 5 tons – 25 tons


M/S Plates

Thickness: 10mm – 50mm


Hot Rolled Steel for General Structures

General structure steel and welding structural steel are used in the construction of steel

Structures, bridges, ships and automobiles

JIS: SS400, 490, 540, SM400A, B, C, SM 490A,B,C

ASTM: A36, A283, A570 J

BS: BS1449 Part I 50/35HR, HS, BS4360 43A.B,C,50B,C

DIN: DIN17100 ST22,33,ST52-3, RST37-2


Hot Rolled Carbon Steel for Pipes and Tubes

This steel, excellent in weld ability and formability, is widely used in structural pipes

General pipes, special pipes, and machine-structural carbon steel pipe

JIS: SPHT1,2,3,4


Steel for Pipelines

Because of its excellent high-strength qualities, extremely low temperature toughness,

Hydrogen induced crack resistance and good weld ability, this steel is used in pipelines.

API 5L A, B, X42, X46, X52, X60, X65, X70


Steel for cold-rolled Steel

This Steel is used to manufacture cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and color steel sheets.

SAE 1006 ~ 1055, AISI 1006 ~ 1055


Steel Plates for Ships

Classification general steel, high tension steel and TMCP-type high-tension steel, with which heat input high-efficiency welding is possible, have all obtained manufacturing approvel from overseas classification societies. This steel is widely used in shipbuilding.

Classification societies: KR, NK ABS, GL, LR, NV, RINA, CR, BV, ZC


Steel Plates for General Structures

This Steel for General welding structures, bridges, industrial structures has high weld ability and is widely used in machines and construction material. High tension steel over the 60kg class is produced after heat treatment process of quenching & tempering.

JIS SS330, 400, 490, SM400A,B,C SM490A,B,C


Steel Plates for Transportation Petroleum

This steel is used in line pipes that transport petroleum or natural gas in large quantities. Steel proven with extremely low-temperature toughness, hydrogen-induced crack (HIC) resistance and stress-corrosion crack (SSC) resistance is produced in order to cop with the worsening environmental situation stemming from exhaustion of our natural resources API5L-A,B, X 42, X 46, X 52, X 60, X 65, X 70


Galvanized Coils


Cold Rolled Coils/Sheets

Hot Rolled Coils/Sheets

Color Coils Galvanize